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Creating Contact List from Webmail

A Contact List allows the user to easily send emails to a group of users. To create a contact list, log into the Shady Side Academy webmail on any browser at [][1]. Log in with your full email address and password. Once logged in, click on the sidebar "People" icon. ![][2] Click on the New …

Creating an Outlook Signature

Here is how to create your signature for emails in Outlook

Accessing Shared Email Mailbox

How to access shared email mailboxes.

Transfer your SSA email to a personal Gmail Account

**THESE INSTRUCTIONS NO LONGER WORK AS OF LATE OCTOBER 2022.** Security changes made by Microsoft and Google have created a mismatch in the encryption levels supported, and have made it impossible to pull Microsoft365 email into Google Gmail. 1. Log into Gmail, and from the main screen, click the cog (settings) ic…

Android Phone Setup for Office365 email

**Android** 1. Click Settings 2. Choose Accounts 3. Choose Add Account 4. Select Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Account 5. Type in your email address: [email protected]_ 6. Type in your password: _the new one you were sent_ 7. Your phone should setup the rest of the configuration automatica…

Whitelist Veracross Email(s) to Ensure No Delivery Interruption

In the event you stopped receiving emails from the Veracross Information System from faculty/staff at SSA, please submit a work order or contact the school directly in order to get removed from the Bounce/Spam list. Once you are removed, we recommend the following to ensure that moving forward you do not get added to …

Access Microsoft Outlook365 Webmail

You can access your SSA email from any computer with internet access. Go to [][1] Log in with your full SSA email address and password. [1]:

iPhone Setup for Office365 email

## iPhone / iPad Setup for Office365 email **iPhone / iPad** 1. Click Settings 2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars 3. Choose Add Account 4. Select Microsoft Exchange 5. Type in your email address: [email protected] _ 6. Type in your password: _the new one you were sent_ 7. Give this accoun…

Student Technology Information

**Changing your SSA password** New Students can visit [][1], where you will be prompted to reset your password. Current or Returning Students can follow the instructions here. **Wireless** Connect to the wireless network called SSA. Provide your username and password to connect. …

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