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Copier Staple (or hole punch) Finisher Options missing when printing
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Most of the copiers across Shady Side Academy's campuses have the built in option to staple your print/copy jobs. 

The units at the SSA Middle School also have the ability to add 3-hole punch to your print/copy jobs. 

These features fall into a category called "Finishing" options.


When printing to a Sharp copier from your computer, and upon trying to choose staple (or hole punch if at the Middle School), you may not see the stapling (and/or hole punching), finishing option available to you. The staple and hole punch features may be gray.



The finisher options you need might be grayed out

And the picture of the copier may look like it's missing the output trays on the left




You may be able to correct this problem for yourself. Your WINDOWS computer may not have properly synchronized the available finisher settings from the network.


To force your computer to look for these finishing options, follow the steps below.


Click the small magnifying glass near your START (Windows logo) button 




and find this option at the top of the search list. Click on TROUBLESHOOT SETTINGS   




Then choose PRINTER from the list. Then click RUN THE TROUBLESHOOTER





Choose the printer giving you trouble from the presented list.


The Troubleshooter will go through a series of steps.


It may ask you if you'd like to make the printer your Default Printer. This is not necessary, but you can choose to if it makes sense for you.


If not, choose SKIP THIS FIX. The Troubleshooter will continue.



The Troubleshooter MAY COMPLETE THE TASK WITHOUT IDENTIFYING ANY PROBLEMS. But often times, it has corrected the Finisher problem we're experiencing.



You may close the Troubleshooter.


Check to see if your staple and other finishing options are now available.




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