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New Faculty/Staff Technology Information
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Welcome to Shady Side Academy!  Please use the information below to get started with technology at the academy.


Changing your SSA password

Your SSA username/email address and password will log you into most systems such as: email, Google, SSA student/teacher/employee portal, Helpdesk, Veracross/Canvas, etc.  When you change your password it changes for all of those systems (except the Paycom payroll system). For now, you can only change your password from an SSA Windows computer. We look forward to announcing a web-based method for users to change passwords.


If off campus, you can visit, where you will be prompted to reset your password.



School buildings and much of campus have wireless internet available. Employees should use the SSA network when connecting school or personal devices. Connect with your Shady Side Academy username (first part of email) and password.



Microsoft Outlook for Mail on School Windows Laptop 

To set up Outlook on your laptop, click on the Start Menu (windows icon) in the lower left.  In the list of apps, navigate to Outlook. Right click to pin Outlook to your desktop or taskbar.  Log in with your SSA email address and password. Follow the prompts.  Choose Yes to have it log into the other Microsoft Office products for you.  Uncheck the box to add it to your phone.  Follow directions from email about setting up Multi-Factor Authentication where needed. 

Employees can add Microsoft Office to a personal device or home computer for free. Instructions


Email (on the web)

To access email from any browser, log in with your SSA email address and password at


Email (on your phone)


Faculty/Staff Portal

The Faculty/Staff portal has information and helpful links for Shady Side Academy employees. Go to Click or tap Faculty/Staff in the upper right hand corner. Much of the information can be viewed without logging in. For Veracross Portal Login or Canvas Teacher Pages Login, click either of the the links.  Log in with your Shady Side username (first part of your email) and password. Follow the steps for Multi-Factor Authentication as required.


Canvas Teacher Pages

Visit the Faculty Portal (instructions above) at Click the Canvas Teacher Pages Login button in the middle or the Canvas Login on the right-hand menu.  Log in with your Shady Side Academy username and password.

Users can also access Canvas directly at Login with username and password.


Adobe PDF (Creative Cloud)  for School Laptop

To add Adobe Acrobat , click on the Start Menu (Windows icon) in the lower left.  Navigate to All Apps and click on Adobe Creative Cloud.  Adobe may want to run an update. Once it updates, select Continue with Google and then choose Enterprise Account.

Sign in using your SSA email address and password.  Once logged in, you can select the Adobe products you would like to download.  For PDFs, download Adobe Reader or Adobe DC.  Accept Agreements and confirm your email address, if prompted.  Follow the prompts to download Adobe and get started. If the download does not progress (stays at 0% downloaded), close other programs (such as Outlook, Word, etc.) to start the download.  Change your pdf default app to Adobe when prompted.  

Your Adobe license gives access to Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and much more... for FREE.  Adobe products can also be installed on a personal  computer or mobile device. Instructions HERE.


Google Drive and Google Apps

Faculty have access to Google Drive and Google Apps.  Please visit and sign in using your full email address and password.  Google Drive on your laptop will save all file types (not just Google files) to the cloud.  To set up Google Drive on your desktop, click the Start Menu (Windows icon) in the lower left hand corner.  Navigate to All Apps, and find Google Drive.  Click to open, and it will redirect to a sign in screen.  Login with your full email and password.  When saving files on your computer, select Google Drive as your saving location.

When using Google Chrome, sign in by clicking the circle in the upper right hand corner.  Select Turn On Sync to give access to tabs and books marks across all your devices.

Google Sign-In can also be used on a number of other websites and programs.  When logging in, look for the Google Sign In option.



Zoom allows employees to connect and communicate virtually.  To access Zoom, click the Start Menu (Windows icon) and navigate to Zoom in the apps.  Open Zoom and log in using the Google Sign In option. 

Smartboard Smart Products

From the Start Menu (Windows icon), click on SMART Technologies and SMART Notebook then use the Google Sign In option.  


Door Access

Access to Shady Side Academy buildings is via EITHER a Mobile Door Access Key for your phone OR a physical key FOB - email [email protected] 

HID Mobile can be found on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.



Search in HelpDesk Knowledgebase or submit a ticket to [email protected]

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